I sit down and take all my clients through a simple 6-Step Process:

Step #1 - Discovery:  We have an initial conversation to connect and get to know each other. We will look at where you are at, where you want to be, and what may be stopping you or slowing you down.   We will look at what drives you and why you do what you do. This is also a time for both of us to see if it’s a fit to continue working together or not. 

Step #2 - Vision:  Together we will create a crystal clear vision of where you want to be in your business.

Step #3 - Planning & Strategy:  Together we will develop a Business Action Plan that lays out the steps they need to take in order to realize their vision.

Step #4 - Bold Action:  I will give you very specific and uniquely tailored actions to take that will move forward in achieving the results you are looking for. However, these will not be the typical everyday actions you are already taking. They will be Bold Actions that absolutely will stretch you beyond your comfort zone. You will know you are taking a Bold Action when you feel very resistant or afraid to taking that action. Actions are the only thing that produces results and Bold Actions will produce those results quicker.

Step #5 - Accountability:  I will hold you accountable to the Bold Actions you agree to take. We will look at what specific action you took and the results you produced from those specific actions. We will also look at the actions you did not take and what is stopping you from taking those actions.

Step #6 - Adjustments:  I will point out blind spots and things that may be stopping you and together we will make the necessary tweaks and adjustments that need to be made. Then we look forward to taking the next Bold Action step to move you forward in producing the results you desire.

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