Hello! My name is Mike Brown.

I work with very successful high performing business owners and professionals who want to grow their business to the next level.

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"Mike’s Business consulting made the difference in helping me to raise $750,000 for one of my start-up businesses."

- Nadav Wilf, CEO & Founder of Lifestyle Perfected

I work closely with my clients by helping them see their “blind spots” and look at what’s not working and making the necessary adjustments to produce the results their looking for.

Together, we focus on planning, strategizing, and implementing those strategies to achieve their goals and objectives.

"Mr. Brown and I spent several days discussing marketing strategies for my books. Since I first uploaded my novels on the Amazon platform (KDP), I’ve had over two-million books uploaded to Kindles around the world, many of those sales thanks to the application of the knowledge imparted upon me from Michael Brown. My career would not be where it’s at without having had his influence."

- Jonas Saul, Amazon Bestselling Author of more than 2 Million Books

Here are the typical kinds of things I help my clients achieve:

  • building effective sales & marketing systems
  • negotiating deals or higher salaries
  • communicating to produce results
  • increasing revenue and profits
  • generating targeted leads
  • creating a business plan
  • uncovering blind-spots
  • building quality teams
  • getting more clients
  • raising money
  • closing deals

"My negotiations and strategy coaching with Mike Brown was transformational. My profits quadrupled (4x) within the first few months of working with Mike."

- Melanie Popper, Lawyer

Let’s get started today

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