24 Money Muse Experts Show You How To:

  • Price Your Services For Profit
  • Master Your Mindset For Abundance
  • Breakthrough Your Financial Glass Ceiling

Our Experts Have Been Featured In:

Meet Your Money Muse Experts

Abiola Abrams 

"How To Switch Your Mindset From One of Scarcity To One Of Abundance"

Leonie Dawson

"How To Grow An 8 Figure Business Working 10 Hours A Week"

Dr. Venus

"The Energy Of Money"

Barbara Huson

"How To Rewire Your Brain For Success And Abundance"

Kadidja Yansane

“How To Leverage Your Unique Sacred Money Archetype To Maximize Your Profits In Your Business”

Loren Fogelman

"How To Successfully Raise Your Rates Without Losing Clients"

Karen McCall

"Two Steps To Help You Overcome Money Problems"

Kara Stevens

 "How Desire Can Help You Step Into Abundance"

Terra Christoff

"3 Keys To Growing A Purposeful, Prosperous, & Soul-Aligned Business That Honors Your Natural Rhythms"

Italina Kirknis

"How To Rock Your Brand Online And Profit"

Kavita Rani Arora

"4 Pillars of Prosperity For Conscious Women Entrepreneurs"

Kate Levinson

 "Emotional Currency ~ How To Be More Aware Of Your Emotional Relationship With Money"

Lisa Pepper-Satkin

 "How To Connect The Dots Between Mindset And Abundance"

Tai Goodwin

"3 Keys to Unlocking Your Bankable Brilliance"

Briana Cavanaugh

"How To Bliss Your Money"

Susan McVea

"Why Selling Is Serving"

Kimberly Sherry

"3 Things to Implement Today to Amplify Your Money Flow"

Jodi-Kay Edwards

"How To Turn Your Business Into a Money Making Machine"

Elena Estanol

"How To Re-wire Prosperity From The Inside Out"

Desiree Stafford

"How To Make The Income And Impact You KNOW You Should Be Making By Now"

Jacquette M. Timmons

"Money & Pricing Reflect Everything About Your Business..And You"

Sahar Nafal

"How To Lead a Soulful Income Generating Community"

Lea Schodel

"Mindful Money - A Shift From Money Stress To Being In Flow With Money"

Naseema McElroy

"How Being In Control Of Your Finances Can Help You Live Your Best Life." 

Your Hostess

Hi Beautiful, My name is Kadidja! I am a Spiritual Business Coach for female entrepreneurs. I help coaches and entrepreneurs get more confident charging for their work so they can get paid to do what they love. Through working together my clients clarify the unique audience they are meant to serve, own their gifts and bloom into the women they always wanted to be. When I am not working, I can be found at the park with my kiddos and doing all the mommy things. 

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